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Art Competition

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 21, 2015, 9:26 PM


Today I had to go to an art competition again this year just like last year. This time I ended up entering Purple and Yellow

PURPLE by VyndicareYELLOW by Vyndicare

And again, I was put down as two separate people and I had the same times for both of my pieces to be judged... Fantastic. I wasn't at all nervous this time but when I got to the high school that was hosting the competition.. it was a LOT more packed than last year O_O Basically I waited in line for nearly 30 minutes to get registered while last year was just a couple minutes. Then the lady at the desk was looking over my drawings and she thought I didn't draw them -_- She said "This isn't your photo?" I said "o_o .... yes it is.. I drew it." Then she rephrased it and said, "Well I mean it looks so professional, I'm sorry I didn't mean to freak you out!" She gave me a heart attack man.. Jeez.. So anyway, my time to get judged was 9:00 a.m. and by the time I was done with registration it was already 8:50. I had to run down the main hall and then hook around to go back up another hallway and head practically back to the registration area but I had to head up stairs.

I got to the room I was assigned to and noticed a long line. Turns out they had to merge 2 rooms.. Great. I saw a friend of mine in the line and he said his time was 8:40 and it was already 9:10. The judge was REALLY slow. It's only supposed to be 8 minutes a person. I ended up waiting an hour before I went in to be judged. I walked into the room and displayed Purple. We chatted about the drawing for a bit and he was impressed. He liked the colors and design and he definitely loved the sass XD He didn't have much to say when it came to what I should improve on or change. He was pretty excited and very nice :) I was able to leave the room smiling :D

So then it was time to go to my next room for judging Yellow which was supposed to be at 9:00 but.. it was already 10:20 XD Plus the room I was supposed to go to was all the way in the back of the school and it was really crowded. So I just went to a different judge that specialized in digital/2D art :3 I had to wait another hour though.. So in total I was 2 and a half hours late XXDDD

When it was my turn once again, I walked into the room and displayed my second drawing. So as usual they would ask you the same questions and whatnot and as he was talking about my drawing and listening to what I had to say, he got more and more excited. He was pointing out so many strong points in my drawing that I never even thought of conceptually or understanding what it was, it was just instinct. He gave me a couple things I could improve on, which is actually really hard to explain. His insight was so helpful and his enthusiasm got me so excited!!! It's very rare to find a judge that will act like that. He even went so far as to literally saying, "I'm now a fan of your work. If you continue on this path you will surely do well. I would love to see your work published professionally one day," or something like that XD
But HOLY CRAP!!! I've never had so much praise from one person before! I felt so good about myself and I was so worried that they wouldn't like my work since they're usually looking for more realism not semirealism.

Okay so before I continue I have to explain the judging a little. The judges will score you on individual aspects and will also score you on the interview and the overall piece. The total scores range from 1-4. 4 being the best. Now when the piece is done being scored, it will either go to the gym with the rest of the 4s or it will go in the Library with the 1-3s. The gym is divided up by class divisions depending on how many art credits you have. I was in the 4th division where you're scored the hardest since 4th division is usually AP/advanced students. After all the fours are in the gym everyone can look for a little bit and then they bring in new judges to take up 10% of the total fours to go to the next level. This level is area, the next level is State, and the next is National.

When the 4s were gathered in the gym, I went in there and I found both of mine :D So now I get two medals again XD I now have five medals in total for winning Area :D :D :D
Anyway, we had to wait several more hours until the judges went in and came back out with their results. About 106 pieces from all divisions were chosen to go to State. Unfortunately mine didn't make it :( I wasn't too bothered by it but it would've been nice. there were A LOT of amazing pieces in my division so I didn't think I would make it at all. I had a lot of fun despite the tiresome waiting in lines and whatnot. I'm just happy that my judges were amazing and that I got the highest score possible :D It really brought back my confidence in myself. It's just a shame I can't participate next year..

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About Me

Made by NadsDeidre
About Me
My name is Annie but you can also call me Vyn or Vyndi ^^
I am 17 year-old self taught artist. I'm trying my best to become a professional character concept artist or a professional illustrator :D
I'm trying out new things in digital media such as fine art, pixelations, flash, animations, and so on. Aside from art, I play Softball and write stories so occasionally I'll submit a literature deviation if I feel like it.

I appreciate the comments, llamas, favs, and watches I get :D I'm glad to gain support from some of you. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. ^^



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